Episode 3

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30th Mar 2021

Mike is Wrong about the Singularity

Will there be a moment in time that artificial intelligence takes over, and the human race as we know it ceases to exist? What impact would that have on the economy, the governments, or the mindsets of the population?

Today on the show Mike is talking with Nikola Danaylov, #1 Bestselling Author of Conversations with the Future, Keynote Speaker, Strategic Advisor, and popular blogger and podcast host about the possible future that we may face. Mike and Nikola discuss the tough questions that come with the stories we all tell ourselves and how that plays such a big role in everything we experience.

What makes a human, human? How do we differentiate consciousness from sentseience? Nikola postulates that we are all living in a life of illusion, that everything we experience is going through some sort of filter that never allows us to fully understand what the world’s reality is vs our individual reality. 

If you’re looking for a philosophical discussion about the future of humanity, look no further, Nikola has some of the best insights of anyone.


1:09 - What is the Singularity?

9:04 - Uploading Human Consciousness to Hardware

10:00 - If Computers Take Over Before We’re Able to Be Uploaded

15:00 - Definition of Sentience vs Consciousness

16:39 - What Makes a Human, Human?

19:48 - Is the Mind a Biological Computer?

27:56 - A Life of Illusion

30:48 - The Implications of the Next Revolution

33:20 - Disruptive Impact of Automation on the Workforce

43:00 - Governments Taxation of Artificial Intelligence

50:01 - The Impact Stories Have on Humans

58:06 - Effects on the United States Economy

1:00:55 - People Who Will Lose Their Job Because of Automation

1:04:38 - Your Reality vs the World’s Reality

1:11:31 - Using Your Taxes for UBI

1:15:56 - Philosophy Is Not For the Poor

1:17:39 - Replacing Happiness with Money

1:21:21 - Give a Man a Strong Enough “Why”, He’ll Endure Any “How”

1:29:42 - Experiencing Different Perspectives Behind Happiness

1:36:57 - The Tangible vs the Ethereal

1:39:23 - Will the Singularity Create Utopia or Dystopia

1:43:40 - Parting Thought About the Interaction Between Technology and Mankind

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