Episode 4

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15th Apr 2021

Mike is Wrong about Feminism

What does feminism mean in today’s society, and how can we improve everyone’s view on it?

 Today on the show Mike is talking with Dr. Martha Rampton, professor at Pacific University about what feminism is and the many nuances that come with that topic. Mike and Dr. Rampton talk about the history of feminism and how it’s changed throughout time, and where she thinks it is heading. They talk about societal equity, what we can do about the wage gap, and the roles women have played in society.

 Dr. Rampton also discusses transgenderism and how it relates to feminism. She also touches on how it might feel to be treated poorly because you are transgender, and how we can all be a little more accepting towards the movement.


 1:26 - Elevator Pitch on Feminism

3:05 - The Four Waves of Feminism

7:57 - Examples of Feminism Throughout History

9:31 - Examples of Matriarchal Societies Throughout History

10:58 Defining Equity

13:59 - Are We All the Same, and Should We Be Treated as Such?

17:07 - Equality of Results vs Equality of Opportunity

18:48 - Equity Being a Threat to Middle Aged White Men

22:16 - Thought Policing

25:20 - What is Hate Speech and What is a Difference in Opinion?

30:13 - How to Define Hate Speech

33:27 - What Should We Be Focusing on?

36:31 - Not Calling Someone By Their Preferred Pronoun

38:40 - Thoughts on TERF

40:39 - Difference Between Sex and Gender

47:49 - Straight Privilege

52:52 - Explaining Privilege Without Being Offensive

56:37 - Gender Pay Wage Gap

1:05:32 - What to do About the Wage Gap

1:12:31 - The Tradition of Women in Society

1:17:41 - Allowing Transgender People to Compete in Sports

1:24:11 - Gender vs Sex in Relation to Sports

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