Episode 2

Published on:

18th Feb 2021

Mike is Wrong about the existence of Facts (oh and Objectivity)!

Are we living an objective truth, or are we just telling ourselves a story that we want to hear?

Today on the show Mike is talking with Ron Kasdorf, a professor at the College of the Canyons. Mike and Ron discuss what the term “facts” actually means, is there objectivity in the world or is it all just subjective storytelling? It is not possible for us to take in the meaning of the world around us without adding our own filter onto it.

Culture plays a huge role in how we interpret the world. We decide what words mean, we decide that math and science binds the rules of the world together, and each culture is going to do that slightly differently.

Ron and Mike also discuss the education system and how school systems need to teach more critical thinking, so children can start to make up their own minds about what’s happening around them. Also, they discuss why Ron thinks that the government shouldn’t be involved in our education system.

Taking in the world around you is inherently subjective, we all agree on a set of rules that we call facts, that is the argument of Ron Kasdorf, do you agree?

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