Episode 1

Published on:

19th Jan 2021

Mike is Wrong about Trans Rights

Words are powerful, watching what we say and evolving our vocabulary over time is an important step in inclusivity!

Today on the show Mike is talking with Callie Wright, host and producer of Queersplaining, a podcast telling the stories of trans and queer people that don’t get a chance to share their stories. Mike and Callie discuss why our society has such an obsession with the “boxes” that need to be checked, the idea of having trans gender athletes compete on all levels, when someone should think about getting a reassignment surgery, and much more!

Listen in for tips on how to better handle the awkward conversations you might have with trans gender people, and how to avoid any discomfort felt by either party. For a masterclass in the trans, and queer community, be sure to tune in to today’s episode

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