Episode 7

Published on:

12th Mar 2024

Mike is Wrong About Political Psychology

Exploring the Psychology of Political Beliefs

In this episode titled 'Exploring the Psychology of Political Beliefs', Mike Donoghue hosts Keegan Tatum, a creator specializing in political psychology, for an in-depth conversation on diverse topics. They begin by discussing Keegan's channel, Alien Perspective, which aims to understand and critique conservative ideologies from a political psychology perspective. Keegan shares insights on his educational background, his fascination with political psychology, and his critical stance on conservative politics, emphasizing a desire to maximize human well-being and freedom.

The conversation delves into the complexities of convincing individuals with differing political views through empathy and compassion, drawing on examples from history and current politics to illustrate the psychological differences between conservatives and liberals. Keegan, openly autistic, reflects on how his condition influences his detached, analytical approach to politics.

The discussion also covers proposals for improving American democracy, the psychology behind transphobia and the impact of media on public perception of political and social issues. Keegan recommends Democracy Now! as a news source and shares his admiration for a Lo-Fi remix of the Evenstar song from Lord of the Rings as a form of relaxation.

00:00 Introduction to Alien Perspective: A Unique Take on Political Psychology

01:05 Meet Keegan Tatum: A Political Psychology Expert

02:19 Exploring the Mindset of Conservatism vs. Liberalism

08:57 The Impact of Autism on Political Views

10:52 Debunking Myths: Healthcare, Capitalism, and Conservatism

14:12 Media Influence and Public Perception

16:43 Conservatism: A Psychological Analysis

31:20 Religion, Authoritarianism, and Political Ideologies

34:29 Bernie Sanders: A Personal Political Journey

36:07 The Political Landscape: Voting, Democracy, and Bernie Sanders

36:29 Addressing the Bernie Bro Trope and Electoral Participation

36:53 The Threat of Trump's Presidency and Authoritarianism

38:14 Improving American Democracy: Proportional Representation and Mandatory Voting

39:37 The Impact of Mandatory Voting and Political Engagement

40:31 The Role of Empathy and Open-mindedness in Politics

44:20 The Future of American Politics: Polarization and Progressivism

47:46 Addressing Climate Change and Global Empathy

51:38 The Evolution of Political Polarization and Authoritarianism

01:02:11 Understanding Transphobia and Gender Identity

01:08:44 Concluding Thoughts and Recommendations

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