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Hi, my name is Mike, and I'm the host of Tilting at Windmills.

I'm a straight white forty-something male small business owner from Orange County.  I *should* be as right-wing as they come.  I'm not.  I am, as my friends say, a bed-wetting liberal.

That doesn't stop me from having great conversations with those from all corners of the political spectrum.



My background

Born in LA.  Raised in Toronto. But I love Orange County.  It is plain and boring, like me!  Fun fact: "Irvine" is the Native American word for Beige.

My mission

I am trying to promote political discourse. To try and understand other people's stances, even if - especially if - they differ from mine.  They're still wrong, of course, but that's OK.




Shanna grew up with a deep love for Del Taco that has never left her.


A five year voyage to seek out new restaurants, new dishes, and to boldy try to get Mike to eat any of them.

What to expect from this site:

Certainly not this beautiful woman.  No, dear listener, mine is a face made for radio.

You CAN expect heated, intelligent (sometimes) debate - and a never-ending desire for me to try and do the right thing.

"Beats dead silence"

Some Guy
Los Angeles, California

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